Women have been empowered through womens art in many ways as I have explained in my analysis. Although at the same time they have had to struggle a lot to gain this power and get their voice heard. The artists Cindy Sherman, Frida Kahlo and Barbara Krugar have used paintings, photos and texts and slogan very cleverly to portray their message, although in some ways it projects and highlights even more the anxieties they faced in politics and the public sphere. But mostly in my opinion I believe that they have cleverly used paintings, photographs and texts and slogans to get their message across in such an effective way. I would never have thought such images could express so many different ideas/points about various different topics which are very interesting and useful to empower women and give them the same treatment and respect as men are given. I also feel like it allows women to be liberated and talk about issues such as sexuality and childbirth and the pain and suffering women have to go through which shows endurance and hope in women. Their work also shows how to fight for justice in a peaceful way but still is quite strong, powerful and effective as well as showing that women do not have to have concrete identities i.e. being housewifes etc and that they too can be whatever they want to be in life because they are just as strong and powerful. Although I would make the point that their work did cause contraversy and public debate at the time as these not everyone agrees with the ideas of Kahlo, Sherman and Kruger. The overall message I gained from this was that we should appreciate what we have and be grateful that we do not have to go through some of the horrors of the world that these women had to go through.


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