Rear Screen Projections Summary

(Text from Cindy Sherman Retrospective)

These images are the first images from her work that are in colour which she continued to use to increase effect. Dictated by a desire to work at home rather than on location which is more stereotypical of a women which is diferent to Untitled Film Stills as Sherman did not show women in their normal roles. Sherman photographed herself infront of a screen on which she projected slides of outdoor and indoor scenes. These images are more contemporary than the previous series (Untitled Film Stills). Sherman is still role playing, but these characters are decidely more up to date in their character. Rather than victims or femme fatales, the women in the Rear Screen Projections appear more confident and independant. The majority of these works depict youthful, middle-class women out in the real world.

Sherman’s appropriation of the media’s forms in order to critique it has its parrallel in the work of Barbara Kruger. Having worked in advertising, Kruger expertly mimics the look and imagery of ads and inserts disjunctive texts to expose their manipulations. She has similarly created work that deal with the media’s representation of women but with none of the nostalgic allure of Sherman’s early series; Kruger’s approach is much more confrontational.


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